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NTT DATA and Designit have teamed up to create the ultimate experience to showcase the future. The result is the engaging INFORIUM future vision space and a series of films meant to captivate and educate viewers.


NTT DATA, the world’s fifth largest IT services company, has always had a significant interest in not only showcasing their advanced technological solutions, but also in explaining how technology will play a prominent and meaningful role in human lives. In fact, Designit and NTT DATA first came together back in 2013 to develop a visualisation that depicted how big data will lead to a smarter society.

NTT DATA and Designit have now collaborated again to redesign The INFORIUM, a dedicated innovation centre meant to inspire visitors and foster on-going discussions about the future of society and technology.


Bringing the INFORIUM experience to life

For the new INFORIUM space, it was envisioned to create a cohesive experience around exploring the technology of the future and NTT DATA’s different business areas. In order to do this, the project team planned to create a series of future vision films and a custom-designed interior space, set of touch-tables, and device interface that would be essential to bringing the films to life.

All the elements of the INFORIUM space were custom designed to have a futuristic, yet elegant look and feel that fit in seamlessly with the other areas in the space. For example, the project teams developed their own touch tables integrated with 55-inch touch screens designed perfectly to match the content and minimalistic aesthetic.


A smarter future into focus

The eight films themselves are designed to give an eye-level perspective into the advanced technological solutions that NTT DATA is currently developing, and to show how these solutions will shape the future and enable humans to live smarter and healthier lives.

Each of the scenarios focus on the individual and how data recommendations and smart solutions will empower, as well as guide humans towards a more rewarding lifestyle. Balance between work, health, family life and leisure is key to these stories and it underlines the intention of creating an experience that everyone can relate to regardless of gender, age and nationality.

Teaming up with Tokyo

Bringing the design concept to life has required a unique international team made up of diverse design competences including brand, experience, product, interaction, interior, and motion graphics design as well as the film production. Designits from Denmark handled the production of the films, graphics and content, while Designits in Tokyo managed the creation of the INFORIUM experience through the interface, architectural and interior design.

Co-creation sessions and workshops with NTT DATA were equally important to the process to ensure that production ran smoothly, even across time differences and language barriers.

Finally, the project has also culminated in an advertising campaign for international business magazines to raise awareness, generate interest and drive visitors to see the INFORIUM for themselves.

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Since opening its doors, the INFORIUM and the film series have been met with great feedback from clients and visitors alike. Engaging and immersive, the new INFORIUM experience has succeeded in giving NTT DATA’s stakeholders a tangible and easily digestible view of how NTT DATA’s solutions will contribute to a future where technology plays a meaningful role in human lives.

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