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In a world of increasing competition and business models that leverage technology to meet evolving client needs, Bank Leumi, the second largest bank in Israel, knew that developing a radically different kind of banking was key to their future success. Keen to get started right away, they teamed up with Designit to help launch a completely new digital bank that would shake up the local and global market and set the standard for the next generation of banking services. Understanding the unique challenge that Bank Leumi was up against, together we set out to define, design, and implement everything from the ground up. The result of our collaboration is Pepper—the banking service for the future.

Hello Pepper!

  • Pepper Banking – A free checking account that includes account management, credit card, savings, loans, 24/7 service and a personal “money feed” with pro-active insights and content to help customers get the most out of their money.
  • Pepper Pay – A free P2P payments app that offers simple money transfers and is open to everyone. The user experience is simple, fun, and engaging.
  • Pepper Invest – Coming soon, this app will help users rethink their investments, making them far more accessible and easier to engage with on a daily basis.

Pepper is the first mobile-native product with no fees for basic banking.  Everything can be done from the mobile, including opening an account, managing money, taking out loans, and managing savings and credit cards. Pepper has live human support ready to assist around the clock, 24-hours a day, by phone or messaging. On top of this, Pepper offers a new way of engaging with your bank through personalised content. Using contextual AI technology, every user receives a personal “Money Feed” packed with relevant and visually-appealing interactive content, including real-time updates on expenses, instant alerts for duplicate charges, news articles, consumer tips, and more.

Designit has been our most trusted and strategic partner, always willing to help and support us across every activity – in strategy, design, and branding.

Lilach Bar-David, CEO

Responding to changing customer expectations

Leumi knew that developing a radically different kind of banking was key to their future success. Leumi’s goal was to launch a new service in just 18 months! To meet the challenge, Designit worked closely with the product and development teams to research, ideate, design and roll out the new product. An important aspect of this included an “implementation over documentation” mindset that allowed us to make decisions fast and on the spot, without going through multiple governance rounds. This enabled us to design the first MVP prototype within two months of work, serving as a guideline for the entire process.

Banking, powered by design

The Pepper team conducted quick and thorough analyses of the market and consumer, combining Leumi’s existing knowledge with Designit’s global and local expertise. Field research included consumer interviews and user journals, online surveys and more. Based on this, Pepper generated insights and opportunity spaces that served as the foundations for business and service design activities.

During this phase we established:

  • Our target audience’s needs and expectations
  • Potential market opportunities
  • Technology capabilities and barriers

We are proud to say Pepper is a design-led bank. We believe this is a competitive advantage and part of our DNA.

Gal Bar Dea, VP Product

Better Together

Applying business design tools that combined quantitative and qualitative techniques, we prioritized our target audience. Using agile sprint methodologies, concepts were quickly explored, evaluated, prototyped and validated. User journeys and product concepts were mocked up and visualised to allow for rapid evaluation and validation. Our concepts were validated with user testing, and immediately prototyped to allow for ongoing evaluation. Product and service blueprints remained in play to allow for ongoing product improvements and implementation.

Together with Designit, we developed a startup culture and working model that is open, fast-paced, user-centred, and inspiring. Not very bank-like…

Lilach Bar-David, CEO

Pepper Launch

With Pepper, we have set a new precedent in mobile banking by creating an entirely new mobile banking experience, and offering full suite banking services within 18 months. Modern, relevant and personalised, Pepper gives customers a fresh perspective on their money and future financial decisions.
Design built banking, challenging the status quo.

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