Designit is a global strategic design firm, part of the leading technology company, Wipro. We match big-picture thinking with creativity and technology, to drive change and growth across businesses, industries, and societies. Our vision is to make a human-shaped world, where everything is designed around real human needs. With a team of 420+ designers, researchers and business designers across 12 offices worldwide, we make products, services, and experiences that improve the way we all live, work, and do business.

Designit’s Strategic Design Process

Our design solutions are the result of a unique Strategic Design Process that we’ve perfected over the course of 20 years. Human-centric, collaborative and iterative, it’s a 5-steps journey that takes us from uncovering insights to envisioning the opportunities and implementing user-focused design solutions. Our Strategic Design Process ensures the quality and relevance of our work on any typology of project.


We conduct deep research about end-users, client structure, technology, business trends and market trends, to uncover the insights that will lead to new business opportunities.


Through iterative rounds of ideation and strategic sessions, we explore a variety of concepts and narrow down to define a vision of the future experience.


Together with our clients, we define the future customer journey and prioritise the steps needed to make it a reality.


We bring to life design solutions under the form of prototypes to test them, learn and improve.


We accompany our clients and partners to ensure outstanding quality throughout implementation.

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