21 June 2018

Design Director

Deadline: June 30, 2018
Start date: August 1, 2018

Are you passionate about transforming businesses?

We believe in teamwork, fun, complex projects, and simple solutions. How about you? We’re looking for a likeminded Strategic Design Director with the experience, passion and Jedi skills to help us rid the world of crappy design – one project at a time.

Would you like to…?

  • Get a taste of the whole design consultancy approach by collaborating with project teams on different stages, from design research to implementation.
  • Transform our clients’ businesses by leveraging insight and ideation to solve complex challenges
  • Work in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, getting to know some of the most amazing, bright, creative and friendly people.
  • Propose new business solutions based on your knowledge and experience
  • Be accountable for delivering world-class design thinking, presentations and meaningful innovation across brands, products, services, and experiences.
  • Collaborate closely with the design team to ensure effective application of the strategic vision.

We would like you to be …

  • A talented MBA (preferably) or a designer with 10+ years of experience working in the field of innovation for a strategic or innovation consulting firm, a brand strategy firm, a corporate innovation or marketing team, management consulting, product management, a start-up or a venture capital firm.
  • As comfortable sketching with a pen or getting out of the building for research, as crunching numbers for a P&L on an Excel spreadsheet
  • Someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, ready to roll up their sleeves and observe, explore, generate insights, ideate, test and iterate on concepts in the search of an ideal solution to our client’s needs
  • A problem solver, with ideas that challenge the ordinary, together with the drive – and the guts – to bring them to life
  • Someone with a ‘here to help’ attitude, who absolutely, fundamentally believes that we’re better together
  • Someone with experience communicating and teaching about innovation, research and design
  • Fluent in English is a must, and a big plus if you speak Japanese

Would you like to join…?

  • An inspiring, social, collaborative and playful work environment, with an open-minded and diverse culture
  • Annual, cross-office inspiration trip, and local inspiration sessions all year round

Go right ahead and click the “Apply now” button down below. Please apply in English, and remember to tell us why you’re the right one to join our team.

We’re itching to see your previous work, so remember to include your portfolio (PDF or web).

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Want to know more?

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with our Design Director, Agustín Jiménez at agustin.jimenez@designit.com.

But just a heads up, we can’t process applications sent by email, so when you’re ready to apply please use the Apply Now link above. Thanks! And if you’ve read all this way through, please include a spaceship emoji in your application to let us know. We like you already.